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STUN GUN K95 MODEL HP NOKIA N73 senter strum 125rb

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Info Produk

alat bela diri yg praktis bentuk menyerupai hand phone
cocok untuk para wanita bentuknya kecil dan mudah di bawa2
SIZE 110 X 50 X 22 MM

High Power K95 TC-95 Stun Gun - Mini Cell Phone Stun Guns N73 Type Features

* Source voltage: 4.8 V
* Output pulse voltage: 1200KV
* Size: 110 * 50 * 22 ( mm)


* Push upward the right switch first gear of K95 TC-95Stun gun to illuminate
* Push upward the right switch second gear of K95 TC-95, then press the button above to shock.( Stun gun Function)
* The quantity of electric may be not adequate enough after accomplished, so please check first before using K95 TC-95 cell phone stun gun.
* The K95 TC-95 stun gun is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery and a built-in charger. Connect the tie line with the electric power to charge.
* The K95 cell phone stun gun charge time shoule be 3- 5 hours, please pay attention to end the charging time.During charging-up it can not be used.
* K95 cell phone stun gun has memory function and local action are specialized in rechargeable battery.After a long period of non-use. K95 type cell phone stun gun should be checked and charged one more time before using.
* The K95 cell phone stun gun should not be stored in a humid enviroment and kept in super high/ low temperature.It should not be sunned or rained.
* In order to prolong the life span of K95 stun gun usage, please avoid using electric shock function continually for 5 seconds or more.
* DO NOT use K95 cell phone type stun gun to shock metal objects
* DO NOT shock children, children, persons with heart disease and any vital part on human body.

Package Content

* 1 X High-power K95 TC-95 Stun Gun - Mini Cell Phone Stun Guns N73 Type ( rechageable battery included)
* 1 X charger
* 1 X protection carry bag for K95 stun gun

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